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Partial Lunar Eclipse - Zurich, April 25, 2013


Partial Lunar Eclipse, 1/1000s




Partial Lunar Eclipse, 1/320s




Partial Lunar Eclipse above the Zurichsee


Notes: During a late evening stroll in Zurich towards the Zurichsee I thought the moon looked "odd". The upper left part was darker than the rest, and the transition to darkness was gradual, not the sharp terminator associated with a lunar phase. The night sky was clear, so it could not be clouds. Then I remembered having read about a "mini" partial lunar eclipse "for specialists only" in the online news, which would not be very conspicuous because only 2% of the moon would pass into the core shadow of earth at maximum eclipse. I look it up on my smartphone, and touché, I was right there at the maximum of the eclipse, 22:07 MESZ. Well, this eclipse was conspicuous enough for me!

Luckily I had my camera with me (I intended do take a few night frames of Zurich), but only the 18-200mm Zoom lens. Well, 200mm turned out to be enough when coupled with the resolution of a modern DSLR. A tripod did not prove necessary, exposure times of 1/1000s (upper photo) or 1/320 (middle photo) are short enough to avoid jitter. The lower photo shows some lakeside buildings of Zurich under the overexposed eclipsed moon, which is mirrored in the water (1/25s, f/4, ISO 1600).

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