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Alpine Night: Time Lapse Movie

Taken at Edelweißspitze, Salzburg, 2571m

A 264 image time lapse video showing a whole night from dusk till dawn high up in the Austrian Alps.
You can also watch it in HD quality at vimeo.



The camera was pointed SSW. The prominent mountains in the foreground are (from left to right) Brennkogel, Kloben, Spielmann, and Sinwellweck (the latter with a few clouds on top at the beginning of the night), all well in the 3000m+ range.

The night starts with the constellation Scorpius displayed prominently above the mountains at left. Later, the Milky Way passes through from left to right, the major star clouds are readily visible: Great Sagittarius Star Cloud, Small Sagittarius Star Cloud and Scutum Star Cloud on top. M8, the Lagoon Nebula, is well visible as bright red/white spot in eastern Sagittarius. Still later, we move on to the not so conspicuous constellations Capricornus, Aquarius and finally Cetus. The bright star skimming the mountain peaks at left during that time is Formalhaut, α PsA. The slightly less bright star coming in from the left before morning twilight starts is Diphta, β Ceti.

Lots of airplanes and satellites pass through the field during the night. A few hot pixels of the image sensor are visible as well, they appear as colored spots which are not moving.

Exposure Data

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