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van den Bergh 93, Sharpless 292


vdB93, Sh2-292, IC 2177


In the image above, north is to the left and west is up.

In 1966, Sidney van den Bergh produced a catalog of bright nebulae with embedded stars using both the blue and red prints of the Palomar Sky Survey. Number 93 in his catalog is located right on the border between the constellations Monceros and Canis Major and is not an isolated nebula, but a northwestern extension of IC 2177, the Seagull or Eagle Nebula. vdB 93, which is also designated Sharpless 292, forms the "head" of the bird. It contains both emission and reflection nebulosity, as well as a dark filament portruding into the nebula from the eastern side right up to the central star. vdB 93 contains gas which is partially ionized. It is illuminated by radiation and also by reflection, mostly from HD 53367, the young and massive giant star at its center. This star is the primary component of a binary system that also includes a smaller star, surrounded by a protoplanetary disk, which has a very eccentric orbit around the primary.

IC 2177 - Seagull Nebula, Wright-Newtonian photograph.

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