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van den Bergh 126


vdB 126


vdB 126 is a reflection nebula in Vulpecula. It is located in the western part of the constellation, along the line between the stars Albireo and α Vulpeculae. vdB 126 shines in the foreground of the dark nebulae LDN 768 and LDN 769, which are evident because the are superimposed on a rich starfield. The gas and dust in the nebula reflects the light of HD 182918, a blue main sequence star, whose apparent magnitude is 8.7. Its distance, as measured by parallax, is equal to 2720 light years, although these estimates are affected by the uncertainty of the measurements; if the distance is correct, this nebula is located in the same area of dense galactic dark clouds forming the Great Rift.

Vulpecula and Sagitta, zoom lens photograph.
The Western Part of Vulpecula, zoom lens photograph.
van den Bergh 126 (Luminance), which is part of this image.

Exposure Data

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