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Sh2-119 in Cygnus




Sharpless 119 is a large patch of emission nebulosity in Cygnus, about 3 degrees east of the North American Nebula, located around the bright 5th-magnitude star 68 Cygni (near the image center). It extends beyond the edges of the photograph. It shows up quite easily in well-exposed wide-angle photographs of the region as large red patch of emission nebulosity. S. Sharpless, in his famous "Catalogue of H II Regions", published in 1959, indeed describes it as type 3, "bright". Interestingly, there are several dark lanes and dark globules superimposed on the southern part of the nebula. The area is part of the Milky Way and well populated by numerous stars.

Sh2-119 can be glimpsed visually using a rich-field telescope and an UHC filter.

The Northern Part of Cygnus, telelens photograph.
Cygnus East, standard lens photograph.

Exposure Data

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