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Sharpless 115 and vdB 134


Sh2-115 and vdB 134


Sh2-115 is another one of the extremly faint emission nebulae catalogued by S. Sharpless in 1959. This one is located in Cygnus, just 2 degree north of Deneb, the brightest star in that constellation. Sharpless 115 is actually the designation of the brightest part of the emission nebulosity near the lower edge of the frame, which shows some substructure caused by dark lanes. These brightest parts of the nebula can be glimpsed visually, but it takes a dark sky and a decent rich-field telescope.

The blue star near the upper right corner of the frame, ω1 Cyg, is actually surrounded by a reflection nebula designated van den Bergh 134, an object of Sidney van den Bergh's Study of Relection Nebulae, which was published in 1966. It makes for an interesting contrast in color to the emission nebulae surrounding it.

Sh2-115 and vdB 134 seem to be a rarely photographed objects, not many images of these nebulae can be found on the web.

Central Cygnus Region, zoom lens photograph.
Sharpless 112, Sharpless 115 and Abell 71, HαRGB image, which this image is part of.

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