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NGC 6914 and vdB 132 Region in Hα


NGC 6914, vdB 132 in Ha


In the image above, north is to the left and east is down.

This complex of nebulae lies some 6.000 light-years distant in the constellation Cygnus. NGC 6914 is the name of a combined emission/reflection nebula around three stars near the center of the image (in the dark patch, barely visible in this Hα image), van den Bergh 132 designates the central one. Most of the other large red emission nebula patches in this image seem to belong to a huge supernova shell located in the next inner spiral arm of our galaxy. Ultraviolet radiation from the hot, massive and young stars of the Cygnus OB2 association ionize the region's hydrogen gas, thereby producing the characteristic red glow, while the blue starlight is reflected by the dust clouds at the image's center.

NGC 6914 and vdB 132 Region, in narrow-band filters, natural colors, which this image is part of.

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