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IC 1284 Region in Sagittarius


IC 1284, IC 1283, IC 4700, NGC 6595, NGC 6589, NGC 6590, Sh2-35


This photograph is filled with many emission and refection nebulae and many stars. The region is located immediately south of M24, the Small Sagittarius Star Cloud. Our view towards this part of the Milky Way is obscured by extensive clouds of interstellar dust and gas. Light from bright stars within the dust produces the two prominent blue reflection nebulae (NGC 6589 and 6590) just to the right of the image's center. They are members of a loose open stars cluster NGC 6595 which is located at a distance of about 5,900 light years. The emission nebula at the image is designated IC 1283, IC 1284 and IC 4700 and is at a similar distance as NGC 6595.

A large, almost transparent cloud of hydrogen, mixed with traces of dust, glows with a characteristic magenta hue over most of the rigth part of the image. It is designated Sharpless 35.

Saturn, Trifid and Lagoon, telelens photograph.
M24 - Small Sagittarius Star Cloud and Surrounding Area, telelens photograph.
IC 1284 Region in Sagittarius in Hα, which is part of this image.

Exposure Data

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