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Mars - August 3rd, 2003

Webcam image (left) and calculated image (right) for comparison:


Mars, August
3rd, 2003 - Webcam image Mars, August 3rd, 2003 - CalSKY image


The above image of Mars was taken during the opposition in August 2003, when Mars got extremely near to earth. The image at right is a correctly rotated comparison image which was calculated by CalSKY for the date and time of exposure, it shows the albedo features at high resolution.

Many features can be identified on the webcam image. Most prominent is the white southern pole cap, which was especially large in August 2003. The bright orange plane which dominates the center of the frame is called Elysium, the dark patches below are designated Mare Cimmerium (center), Mare Sirenum (right), and Mare Tyrrhenum (left), which is separated from Mare Cimmerium by a brighter lane named Hesperia. The very dark lane which rims the southern polar cap is named Mare Chronium. Small dark patches to the north are designated Sithonius Lacus (left) and Propontis (right).

Most albedo features do not represent topographic surface structures on Mars, they are just large areas of differently colored material which covers the planet's surface.

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