Copyright and Reproduction Policy

All material on this site is copyright © by Walter Koprolin unless otherwise noted.

Images on this website ( may be downloaded for private noncommercial use free of charge (e.g., as background pictures for Windows, etc.), but you must not publish them in any form, neither electronic nor on paper, without written permission of the author. Permission for nonprofit, non-commercial organizations (clubs, schools, universities, etc.) is usually granted for free if appropriate credits are given to the author, but you will have to ask. If desired, I can supply files of higher resolution.

Commercial and for-profit users should contact Walter with a description of their intended use. Please understand that we cannot give away our images for free as these are professional images taken with expensive professional equipment, and long cold hours at the telescope and nearly as much time before the computer screen went into the creation of these images.

Text on these pages is not free for reproduction, i.e. must not b e published in any form. You are welcome to provide links at your website to subpages of your interest of this website.

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